“I love helping my clients realize their dreams and goals. Through my intuitive gift I see a future vision for them that is a powerful reflection of their talents and abilities. Our sessions bring about greater clarity and renewed focus. I guide my clients toward passionately believing that they can transform their own lives.

Whether looking a specific issues such as love, healing, partnership or career, or just allowing a session to magically unfold, my works taps into the greatest vision of my clients that we can access at that time. I call on our guides and ask for permission to work as deeply as possible in order to reveal the highest good and the strongest connection to loving change, healing and growth available.”

“Clients share gaining clarity while stimulating creativity and increasing their confidence. We embark upon a daring adventure often with stunning results.

Angel Guide Meditation is a new offering. I lead my client on a spiritual meditation to their sacred home. We clear space for their intuition to flourish. We meet their special spiritual Angel Guide and open to receive the wisdom of Divine Light and Energy. A recording is given so that the client can return again and again to seek answers and hone their intuitive ability.

I am available for either a single session or I can set up a series of sessions for you through which we gain access to valuable insight for further success.”

The fee for an hour intuitive session or an Angel Meditation with Nora is $150. A half hour intuitive reading is $100.00