It’s not often that you find someone who completely reflects the essence of her profession.
Nora Hooper is the real thing!

J.T.S. – Boulder, CO

Dear Nora,

Thank you so much for not just the reading you did for Doug and me, but for finally allowing me to let my mind expand to new horizons of beliefs that I have always had, but never let myself fully accept. The best part for me was knowing that my grandmother and other loved ones are looking after me as guides. I can finally let go of the terrible loneliness I have carried with me for so long. You have a wonderfully amazing gift and I thank you for sharing it with the world. The power of your messages from our guides will resonate with me forever and I have already steered my mind with their help, to a brighter, happier future. I have no doubt that Doug and I will be contacting you in the future when our needs arise.

Best Regards,
Amy & Doug M. – HI

It was a wonderful experience & heard some real positive feedback.

Nancy P. – Bradenton, FL

She is a spiritual emissary who Translate the Ethereal Message

Hooper is more than an intuitive reader. She is a spiritual emissary who translates the ethereal messages she receives into guidance that helps not just the person, but the soul, navigate the world in which one finds oneself. Uncanny in her abilities to read unseen events, she never stands on the black and white granite of her perceptions, rather moves in waves of vibration. Nora’s guidance is a positive compass in an overwrought world. Her emphasis on the inherent good and positive potential of an individual make that good all the more easily realized. I don’t go to her for a reading once a year, but once a quarter, for the righting of my own compass in the stormy seas of life.

K.A.- San Francisco, CA


She is absolutely amazing! It is astounding how much she knows!

L. C. B. – Sarasota, FL

For over 5 years, since retaining Nora Hooper as my business consultant, I have watched my business increase sales at a steady rate and more importantly I have been able to make better hiring/ firing decisions!
There isn’t a single aspect of my business that I do not feel free to ask Nora Hooper’s advice and more often than not she helps me understand the issues from a very different perspective! Nora’s consultation is now a permanent inclusion to my monthly business plan.
Thank you NORA,

S.K. – Sarasota, FL

Nora has helped me create multi-million dollar business. I highly recommend her, she is extremely gifted and precise.

A.N. – Sarasota, FL